Be nice to yourself

Be peaceful within, you are perfect.

Have you ever looked in the mirror at yourself and said something negative? I look a mess today, look at the size of my nose, I wish this or that were different. Then as you go about your day you hear a negative comment from someone that validates this thought? This is because your thoughts are extremely creative. That’s the law of attraction in action right there. The universe, God, divine intelligence, infinite intelligence, your subconscious, your imagination, whatever you like to call it, is always ready and waiting to give you whatever you choose.

Its always working for you, it’s just that by thinking and saying negative things about yourself you’re saying to the universe “give me mean people that agree with my negative thoughts”. So it happily obliges and says OK! So give yourself permission today when you look in that mirror to say something nice to yourself. If you are struggling with that, start with something small. I guess my eyes are nice, I am a good person, that one person did say I have a nice smile that time. Anything like that, just look in the mirror and say it. Even if you don’t believe it, everytime you notice yourself in the mirror, try saying it. Eventually it’ll become easier and easier to do it and you’ll actually start believing it. Then you can extend this more and more so that you’re nice to yourself all the time.

It’s easy to dwell in a negative state thinking negatively about yourself due to comments people who don’t truly know you can make. Only you know what you’ve gone through in life so give yourself permission to be kind to yourself. Who else is going to be if you’re not? This is because everyone you meet is an actor in the theatre of life and you and your subconscious mind are the director. They can only behave towards you how you tell them to behave.

By changing your thoughts about yourself you’re slowly changing your inner world or subconscious thought patterns. Eventually this will be reflected in the outer world and people will become nicer towards you. This is what is meant by as within so without.

Just try it and see. There’s no harm in that is there? I can tell you from experience that once you start being nice to yourself, others will start doing this too. Go on, I dare you!

Love and light

Sarah x

Published by Sarah

I love all things positive and have been creating my life using the law of attraction since I was a teenager. I hope to inspire others to change their thoughts and their lives by giving tips, examples and motivation on how to be your best self using the power of your mind.

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