Think only on good things.

Look at the beauty around you.

There is a basic foundation that you need to start manifesting a better life. This has been told to us for thousands of years but not everyone takes notice. It’s so simple it seems too good to be true, but if you try it you’ll realise that it really works. What is it!? I hear you say. Simple:

  • Think only on good things.

The bible even tells us this:

“Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

Philippians 4:8-9

The reason you need to think only on good things is basically because thoughts are like extremely powerful magnets which will draw to you whatever you think about. It’s the universe, this pure loving consciousness, which is wanting to please you so it will always, without fail, give you what you ask for. It does this by listening to your thoughts and feelings.

It can be very hard to think positively, believe me I know, and that’s ok. Sometimes you wake up feeling down and unhappy and it can be difficult to even get out of bed, never mind thinking positively. And all of that is ok. Feel it and accept it in the moment, but the most important thing to remember whilst doing that is:

  • Don’t go with it!

Don’t jump down that rabbit hole! It can take a lot of effort to get back out. Instead, notice that you’re having a negative thought and choose to think on good things instead.

Think about something you love. What makes your heart sing with happiness when you think about it? As my mum always says, one smile from my son Charlie really brightens your day, so I like to think of this often. I take photos and videos of him smiling and laughing and I watch them all the time. It just makes me feel good. I do the same thing with my cats. They always live in the moment and love every minute of playing so I watch them all the time. It’s a brilliant way of stopping negative thoughts from creeping their way back in.

Look at the beauty around you now, from a tiny insect to a beautiful tree, all created divinely, perfectly. Even a raindrop balanced flawlessly on a beautiful green leaf, look far and deep and these things will heal you. Seek them out every day and eventually this will sink into your subconscious mind and it will want to provide you with even more things to smile about.

This is a process of re-wiring your brain to automatically think positively instead of automatically thinking negatively. Once you have this foundation in place you’ll see brilliant results in your life. If you’re new to manifesting and don’t fully have faith that you can intentionally create your reality with your thoughts, or you’re not sure exactly what it is you want to create, then use this method. It’ll show you that by just adjusting your focus you can change situations in your life and from there you can build on creating a better future.

This has worked for me and I know it can work for you too. You just have to be willing to think only on good things.

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Love and light.

Sarah x

Published by Sarah

I love all things positive and have been creating my life using the law of attraction since I was a teenager. I hope to inspire others to change their thoughts and their lives by giving tips, examples and motivation on how to be your best self using the power of your mind.

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