Say No To Your Negative Thoughts

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Decide today, now even, to say no to negative thoughts, be fed up of them, be tired of them. Say to yourself it’s not going to be like that anymore. Choose to be in control of your thoughts and emotions instead of letting them control you. I know it’s so easy to talk about being positive and putting it into practice can be a real effort, but aren’t you fed up of being hard on yourself? Aren’t you fed up of that little negative voice that always puts doubt and fear in your mind? Aren’t you ready for a new way, a better way of being?

Negative thoughts can sometimes feel like you’ve got caught in a giant spider’s web. You get your hand stuck, so use your other hand to try and escape and aargh that gets stuck too! Then you turn around and, yep, before you know it, you’re completely enveloped in this giant web of negative thoughts. It can be a real struggle to escape.

But at that moment, when you can’t see a way out, when you’re getting devoured by your thoughts, you just need to try forcing yourself to think of one good thing and focus on it. This helps to break your flow, distracts you, and it’s then that you can cut part of the web loose. It helps you to control your attention, maybe it makes you smile even! and that helps you to remember another good thing, and another, and another, and eventually you turn into the spider! You can climb over the web, control it and even reel it back in.

It’s ok if it doesn’t work the first time you try it. Even if it’s the tenth time and you still can’t break free, it’s ok. With each attempt you’re learning to take back control and that’s all that matters. You’re saying to your subconscious that you’re in charge now, you’re under new management and things are going to be different.

You have to decide this, choose it with all of your being, live it every day and it will bring lightness back into your life. Watch your thoughts every second and don’t dwell on them if they make you feel bad. This might not happen overnight, it’s a process that when really focused on it can really change your life around so decide today to think differently.

Love and light

Sarah x

Published by Sarah

I love all things positive and have been creating my life using the law of attraction since I was a teenager. I hope to inspire others to change their thoughts and their lives by giving tips, examples and motivation on how to be your best self using the power of your mind.

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