What State Are You Dwelling In

Dwell in a positive state

It’s easy to get stuck in certain states of mind. One of the brilliant masters of manifesting Neville Goddard (if you haven’t heard of him look him up, his books and lectures changed my life) tells us that states are an attitude of mind. It’s whatever story you are choosing to tell yourself from moment to moment. It’s whatever you are declaring yourself as to the universe every second with your thoughts.

Are you declaring

“I am loved, I am happy, I am rich, I am healthy, I am successful”.

Or are you declaring

“I am unloved/unlovable, I am unhappy, I am poor, I am unhealthy, I am unsuccessful”

Are you telling a lovely story to yourself about the people you meet and the places you go or are you re-living a nightmare. Are you going over and over past wrongs, arguments you’ve had with people, what you should have said or could have done differently. Then are you starting to feel angry all over again? If you are, chances are you’re stuck in a negative state.

The thing is, dwelling in this state is only going to produce more and more of what you don’t want in life. More upset, more anger and more pain. Think of your thoughts as energy, this is what consciousness is, pure energy. When you think about something negative, going over an argument for example, you’re putting all of this creative, extremely powerful, energy into that. By vividly imagining it you’re actually creating it! You’re asking to have more of that in your life.

There is a way out of this which, put very simply, is deciding to change your attitude of mind. Dwell in a different state. I put this to the test myself. I kept having awful arguments with my partner and afterwards I would re-live it, going over and over it in my mind. Then one day when observing what state I was in I realised I never thought of happy memories about my partner. Somewhere along the line I’d just stopped doing it and started thinking only of unhappy memories instead, I’ve no idea why.

I made the decision there and then to never think on those unhappy memories again and I chose to remember us laughing instead. Laughing, chatting, holding hands, all the happy times we’ve had together. What did it make me do? Of course it made me smile! It made me feel love, it made me feel happiness and it instantly cut off the energy flow to unhappiness and changed it to one of love. We’ve never argued like that since.

When you have unconsciously been thinking negative thoughts to yourself throughout your life it’s easy to think that the world is a negative place. But when you start observing your thoughts, you will soon realise that your thoughts create things. It isn’t the world that’s a negative place, it’s negative because you’ve been declaring that with your attitude of mind. In other words, you’ve got stuck in a negative state.

Try observing your thoughts about situations that happen to you over one day. People are always doing that to me, no one ever likes me, I knew this would happen. Sound familiar? It could be that you’re dwelling in a negative state, like I was, and you don’t even know it. Its not a bad thing, if you’re happy being in that state then carry on as usual. As we know, it’s all your choice. But if you’re ready for something different then choosing to change your thoughts is the best place to start.

Only dwell in a happy place, a happy memory, a happy thought. Choose to only put your energy into that. Declare it, shout it, live it and be it. Be nothing else but happy thoughts and tell yourself a happy story. It will heal relationships, it will heal your mind, it will heal your life.

Love and light

Sarah x

Published by Sarah

I love all things positive and have been creating my life using the law of attraction since I was a teenager. I hope to inspire others to change their thoughts and their lives by giving tips, examples and motivation on how to be your best self using the power of your mind.

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